SURVEY:  Solving the Patient Engagement Problem

View the Results

SURVEY:  Solving the Patient Engagement Problem

View the Results

Give your patient community the attention, connection and information they need with Update for Health from HealthBanks.

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Our digital e-Newsletter platform combines your specific messaging and news from your organization with our automated content delivery system making it simple and easy to use on a regular basis with your patient community.

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e-newsletters delivered (and counting )

Strong and Capable Partners

Don't wait for your patient community to come to you — provide ongoing value on a regular basis to build loyalty and drive adoption and engagement with your patient portal, events, programs, and all of your service offerings.

90% of health executives believe it is critical to adopt a platform-based business model and engage in ecosystems with digital partners.

-Digital Health Technology Vision, Accenture Consulting

Patient Engagement

At its core, patient engagement is the ability to enhance the relationship between patient and care giver. To achieve this goal, it is essential that there are easy-to-use tools to communicate with patients when they are not in the office, hospital, or pharmacy. Update for Health from HealthBanks provides an easy-to-use, turn-key system which is specifically designed to use the least amount of internal resources so you can focus on one thing: providing the best patient care possible.

With Update for Health there is no postage, no printing, no graphic design skills required — it's your content and your brand supplemented with timely and relevant content patients appreciate.

Build your own patient surveys, view reports and analytics to better understand and serve your community...and much more.

69% of health system executives report that their organizations use patient engagement initiatives to increase patients' meaningful participation in care.

-Patient Engagement: Driving Behavior Change for Better Health, New England Journal of Medicine Catalyst